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Bitumen Contractors

We can do any job requiring repairing, sealing or laying concrete, asphalt or bitumen for any purpose and on any scale.

Our contractors have years of experience on all kinds of jobs from the smallest pathway in your backyard right up to major roadwork’s and large concrete spaces for industrial complexes.

We can fix potholes in your driveway or lay a car parking area of any size and we hire our machinery out for any purpose, big or small.

We’ve got the latest machinery of all sizes so we can provide the best results using the most suitable equipment for any job.

Our contractors have years of experience and know how to get the job done promptly, efficiently and expertly with the manpower and other resources to finish on time and on budget.

No matter what the damage or wear and tear to any concrete or asphalt surface we can repair and reseal it to provide a smooth surface and long-lasting finish.

Highly Skilled Workforce

All our machinery is regularly serviced and fully maintained to ensure there are no hassles when we come to do your job.

We’ve been in the business for over two decades so there isn’t much in asphalt or concrete that we haven’t done before, so you can be assured of an expert result.

We provide our services for all kinds of businesses in and around the Victor Harbour area and surrounds and wherever you go in Lonsdale, McLaren Vale, Oakbank and surrounding districts you’ll see our expert work.

Our clients come to us from all over the area because we’ve got a reputation for doing the best concrete and bitumen repairs, maintenance and laying in the district.

Our rates are highly competitive and affordable and because we specialise in asphalt and concrete work, we’ll save you time, money and inconvenience by getting the job done as quickly as possible.

Heavy Equipment Machines

Our expert operators of heavy equipment are available for hire out on contract for any purpose and for any length of time, on building projects and roadwork’s.

We’ve worked for some of the biggest companies in the State, laying major roadwork’s and large concreting jobs for commercial premises.

We’ve also had years of experience performing minor concreting and bitumen works for domestic customers, for driveways, pathways, carports, playgrounds, anywhere that needs a smooth hardwearing surface.

So when you need a prompt, reliable and efficient concreting or bitumen laying service, get in touch with our experts.

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